05. Called to Serve – The Ken Cox Story


This book is about the amazing grace and mercy of God – and a man whose heart beats with compassion for sinners. As you read about the life of evangelist Kenneth Cox, you’ll be amazed how God took his life’s darkest moments and turn them into his most precious assets.

A candid and fascinating autobiography, this is the story of a simple “Okie” from Oklahoma who bravely faced a lifetime of trials and heartaches; a serious childhood illness, a mother debilitated by a brain tumor, and abusive father, and the loss of a spouse and an infant son. With rear grace and humor, he’s dealt with everyone from angry drug dealers to a cigarette smoking deacon winning them over with his compassion in unconditional love.

This is a glimpse into the life of a man who has led thousands to the foot of the cross in 17 different countries, risking his reputation and even his life to reach those who Christ died for. It will keep you turning the pages-laughing, and crying by turns-and ultimately inspire you to do more for the Master !




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