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October 7 The night watch

October 14 Promise of the Holy Spirit

October 21 Why many do not receive any benefit from the Holy Spirit

October 28 Fruits of the Holy Spirit

November 4 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

November 11 The latter rain

November 18 Jesus Lord of the Sabbath

November 25 Baptized paganism program 1

December 2 Baptized paganism program 2

December 9 Sabbath covenant that one will

December 16 How to keep the Sabbath

December 23 Babylon

December 30 Medo Persia

January 6 Greece

January 13 Pagan Rome

January 20 Papal Rome

January 27 Two witnesses

February 3 The beast from the bottomless pit

February 10 Spoke as a Dragon

February 17 The eighth beast

February 24 Mark of the beast

March 3 Conflict of the ages

March 10 What is a soul

March 17 Life in Christ

March 24 Spiritualism

March 31 No more sin

April 7 Christ our mediator

April 14 Investigative judgment

April 21 Book of life in the judgment

April 28 Judgment during the millennium

May 5 The great white throne judgment