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1/ 6/2019 Investigative judgment

1/13/2019 Book of life in the judgment

1/20/2019 Judgment during the millennium

1/27/2019 The great white throne judgment

2/3/2019 Where did the Bible come from

2/10/2019 Which translation is best

2/17/2019 How can I know my Bible is true

2/24/2019 What the Bible can do for you

3/3/2019 How to study your Bible

3/10/2019 The coming of Elijah

3/17/2019 Abraham’s altar

3/24/2019 Bless this house

3/31/2019 Heaven is my home

4/7/2019 Great and dreadful day of the Lord

4/14/2019 Why a church

4/21/2019 The front door of the church

4/28/2019 The back door of the church

5The church God’s storehouse

The church victorious

Who is Jesus

Why believe in Jesus

What makes Jesus different

Jesus prophet, priest, and King

Unto you a Savior