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January  26 The Grace of God
February 2 Repentance
February 9 Faith and acceptance
February 16 Confession
February 23 Born again
March 1 We have this hope
March 8 Signs of the end of time
March 15 Signs of his coming
March 22 The coming of Jesus Christ
March 29 The night watch
April 5 Promise of the Holy Spirit
April 12 Why many do not receive any benefit from the Holy Spirit
April 19 Fruits of the Holy Spirit
April 26 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
May 3 The latter rain
May 10 Jesus Lord of the Sabbath
May 17 Baptized paganism program 1
May 24 Baptized paganism program 2
May 31 Sabbath covenant that one will
Jun 7 How to keep the Sabbath