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January 26 Beast from the Sea

January 29 United States

January 30 First Angel's Message

January 31 Second Angel's Message

February 1 Third Angel's Message

February 2 Second Coming of Christ

February 5 Seven Last Plagues

February 6 The Scarlet Beast

February 7 The Ten Kings

February 8 God's Last Call

February 9 Marriage Supper of The Lamb

February 12 Millennium

February 13 The New Jerusalem

February 14 The Victory is Won

February 15 The Final call

February 16 Europe’s last hour

February 19 The power of the cross

February 20 Rise of the Antichrist

February 21 Rise of the beast with the number 666

February 22 A simple step that can change your life

February 23 God’s Jurassic Park

February 26 Born half dead

February 27 Wake up America

February 28 When a woman will rule

March 1 Why don’t they just tell you the truth

March 2 The Everlasting Covenant

March 5 Blind man’s Bluff

March 6 It’s Your Last Chance-Take it or Leave it

March 7 Does this millennium mean anything?

March 8 The Time of the End

March 9 Fire in the Sky

March 12 Living Water

March 13 The Shout the Lord

March 14 The Fattening of America

March 15 So Many Blessings You Can't Count Them

March 16 Mark of the Beast

March 19 The Church in the Wilderness

March 20 The Loud Cry—Did You Hear It?

March 21 Mercy of God and the End of the World

March 22 To You is Promised a Wonderful Gift

March 23 Tell Me How to Find My Loved Ones

March 26 It's Time to Grow Up


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