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June 19 -The coming of Jesus Christ

June 20 -The night watch

June 21 -Promise of the Holy Spirit

June 22 Why many do not receive any benefit from the Holy Spirit

June 23 - Fruits of the Spirit

June 26 - Gifts of the Spirit

June 27 - Latter Rain

June 28 - Jesus Lord of the Sabbath

June 29 - Baptized Paganism 1

June 30 - How to keep the Sabbath

July 3- Babylon

July 4 - Medo-Persia

July 5- Greece

July 6 - Pagan Rome

July 7 - Papal Rome

July 10 - Two Witnesses

July 11 - The Beast From The Bottomless Pit

July 12 - Spoke as a Dragon

July 13 - The Eighth Beast

July 14 - Mark Of The Beast

July 17 - Conflict Of The Ages

July 18 - What Is The Soul

July 19 - Life In Christ

July 20 - Spiritualism

July 21 - No More Sin

July 24 Christ Our Mediator

July 25 Investigative Judgment

July 26 Book Of Life In The Judgment

July 27 Judgment During The Millenium

July 28 Great White Throne Judgment

July 31 Where Did Your Bible Come From

August 1 Which Translation Is Best

August 2 How Can I Know My Bible Is True

August 3 August What The Bible Can Do For You

August 4 How To Study Your Bible

August 7 The Coming OF Elijah

August 8 Abraham's Altar

August 9 Bless This House

August 10 Heaven is My Home

August 11 Great and Dreadful Day Of The Lord

August 14 Why a Church ?

August 15 The Front Door Of The Church

August 16 The Back Door Of The Church

August 17 The Church God's Storehouse

August 18 The Church Victorious

August 21 Who Is Jesus

August 22 Why Believe in Jesus

August 23 What Makes Jesus Different

August 24 Jesus-Prophet, Priest,And King

August 25 Unto You a Savior


August 29 EPHESUS

August 30 SMYRNA

August 31 PERGAMOS

September 1 THYATIRA

September 4 SARDIS


September 6 LAODICEA

September 7 Worthy is the Lamb

September 8 Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse

September 11 The Hundred and Fourty Four Thousand.

September 12 Seven Trumpets.

September 13 The Time Of The End

September 14 The Two Witnesses

September 15 War In Heaven

September 18 Beast From The Sea

September 19 United States

September 20 First Angels Message

September 21 Second Angel's Message

September 22 Third Angel's Message

September 25 Second Coming Of Christ

September 26 Seven Last Plagues

September 27 The Scarlet Beast

September 28 The Ten Kings

September 29 God's Last Call

October 2 Marriage Supper of The Lamb

October 3 Millennium

October 4 The New Jerusalem

October 5 The Victory is Won

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